About Unify:

We’re on a mission to unify the fragmented LLM landscape, making it faster, cheaper and simpler for all. We’re an ambitious startup with a global team spanning every continent. Our neural router automatically selects the best LLM to use on every prompt, and we need help to showcase what this can unlock! ✨

Role Overview:

We are seeking enthusiastic ML Engineers to join our team. This is a great opportunity for those looking to deepen their expertise in machine learning and contribute to various innovative AI projects 🤖

What We Offer:

Mentorship: Gain valuable insights and knowledge from our experienced team. Join weekly meetings with other contributors to discuss ideas and foster a community of learning. Have 1-on-1 meetings with our team for technical guidance and performance reviews 📈

Certificates: Earn recognition for your contributions and skill development 🏆

Bounty Programs: Financial incentives for top performers to encourage outstanding contributions 💸


As a contributor, we encourage you to get work on our various pre-defined applied LLM projects and competitions, either individually or alongside other contributors. At the end of each project, we will add it to our website and amplify your great work on all of our social media platforms 🔥

Join Us:

If you are passionate about the evolving LLM landscape and you are eager to contribute alongside a dedicated and passionate team, then please apply! 🧑‍💻